The Uprising is not complete!

Watching the statistics of the presidential election. I am glad to see a shift because it is time for the democratic party to recognize that young white black and Latin women are saving the party. They recognized the threat of trump, they organized and they showed up. It is not the Pelosi, Feinstein, Perez or Schumer that won this election. Give it up for WOMEN! Transfer the power. AND it is fucking time to find solutions to poverty and the epidemic of incarceration of men of color.
Democrats have given lip service to the problems without substantive solutions. Yes the republicans could care less and block bills. The bills they blocked were not remedies, they were band aids. Fuck that.

Put America to work with the biggest infrastructure repair ever and hire every ex-con and able-bodied person to help. Put Black and White men together on road crews, forest maintenance and waterway rehab. They will find a way to get along….or else. Nothing like working alongside another man to learn about him. Ask people who served in a military that was flush with conscripts that did not want to be there but fought alongside each other in Nam.

The hate for liberals is acute and dangerous. Part of it is irrational and part of it is our continued neglect of the health, safety and welfare of the dying middle class. Fucking politicians, fat fucks who linger in office because we the people do not know enough about our political systems to show up and vote the fat fucks out.

Political correctness sucks too. Worrying about some right-wing speaker on campus, insisting as readily as the Right that people must agree with us, and throwing gun owners under the bus while there are 300 million guns in circulation are just vote subtractors.

I would have to think hard to find a single long-term democratic (or republican) politician that I trust. Maybe Bernie and Elizabeth but they are moving past their expiration dates as politicians also. In what fantasy do any of my friends see Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer leading the way? Biden is a necessary accommodation to transition from trump. Like one political yard sign said, “Any Functional Adult 2020.”

Don’t get me wrong. I like and admire Biden and his presence of late has been impressive and comforting. But I am tired of being ruled over by old white men (of which I am one). My children’s futures are hinging on what happens next. Thus it is time for Mayor Pete and the like to move up and move in. I do not care that you do not agree with The Squad, Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y.; Ilhan Omar, D-Minn.; Ayanna Pressley, D-Mass.; and Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich. I do not care that they are not super-supportive of Israel. I do not support the Far Right Wing government of Israel or any other Far Right or religious fundamentalist government. They are and deserve to be a significant part of our political future

My head can often be found up my ass when it comes to the digital world and pop culture. But I am not stupid. We will never get term limits passed. We need to look to smart young women and men who hold humanistic values and are not beholden to a political machine. We need to groom them, elect them and follow them into a brave new world….soon….now.

The heart should not be a lonely hunter.

I did not intend to craft a bummer blog today but I write what I write and share what I share. I let the market place decide worthiness.

Thai Buddhist monks (Theravada) are not vegetarian. In large measure they cannot choose their diet as they are expected to eat what is offered by lay people whether it be meat or fish head in oil. But the expectation is that neither lay persons or monks will cause harm unnecessarily. My sensitivity to my environment in conjunction with the concept of “engaged Buddhism” has led me to work that much harder on behalf of the earth and all its occupants.

In my Buddhist practice, we send blessings and compassion to all sentient beings (metta). If you ever had a pet, you know sentience. Sentience is defined as “able to experience feelings,” “responsive to or conscious of sense impressions,” and “capable of feeling things through physical senses.” Sentient beings experience wanted emotions like happiness, joy, and gratitude, and unwanted emotions in the form of pain, suffering, and grief. Do not be someone who hurts sentient beings through ignorance, neglect, intention or negligence.

Every time I eat meat or fowl I recognize there is a food chain that I am part of but my participation is multiplied by the indifference of our society and its marketing of food products. So I minimize my non-vegetable consumption, which by the way always pays off in better health, less expense and enhanced awareness of my environment. Most of you think that is bullshit which probably means like me, you do not want to be inconvenienced or are unwilling to disrupt your taste buds. Equally disturbing to me are persons who own animals but are indifferent to their animals’ discomfort or suffering. Show up for life being the best sentient being you can be and have empathy for all other sentient beings.

Do not merely “not kill needlessly” but to the best of your ability, protect all beings. Hold in your heart that we are fortunate to be able to actively express our discomfort and suffering. If we get hit by a vehicle they will send an ambulance to help us. Not so for the thousands of critters struck last night for whom only death will bring an end to their suffering.

My bubble is crowded with the suffering of others. Empathy is an attribute that I value but it is the foundation of so much of my discomfort and suffering. It is why I do not practice law. I could not handle watching my clients sentenced to confinement in a system which only held the promise of punishment without the offer of rehabilitation, education or reformation.

Like we say in Alcoholics Anonymous, No one among us has been able to maintain anything like perfect adherence to these principles. … We claim spiritual progress rather than spiritual perfection.

“Why, if it weren’t for this ‘internal illumination’ [i.e., sentience] the world would be nothing but a pile of dirt!”
― Albert Einstein