Breaking news, Cook County Prosecutor on leave after accused of biting man at adult store,0,7705102.story

I love this kind of stuff. Partly because I have watched government try to control, regulate and restrict adult entertainment. So I am amused when a lawman or prosecutor gets caught in  flagrante delicto, ( in the very act of committing a misdeed : in the midst of sexual activity.)

I oppose most regulations over individuals. I would like my governments to monitor, regulate and restrict stuff like pollution, transportation, garbage, and services or products which pose a danger to the quality of our societal well-being. Thus, if you are sending a stream of toxins in the air, and I may have to breathe it, you should be monitored, regulated or restricted.

On the other hand if you wish to quietly participate in activities to entertain, refrain from activities meant to entertain, or quietly self-destruct, I am your advocate. If the act has no victim, there should be no penalty imposed by government. Seems so obvious to me. Yet, prostitution is illegal as is drug use. This criminalization of activities has the effect of pushing them underground and creating entrepreneurial criminals to fill the void. Besides the obvious lack of victims there is a lack of quality, security and taxation. And in this way do we send otherwise good people into the waiting hands of black-markets with their attendant gangs, pimps and cartels.

Victims of drug rip-offs will not report their loss. Prostitutes and their customers will not report  related crimes. It is an environment designed for the amoral to thrive.

There was a time when societies would rely upon distorted, anecdotal evidence to create laws which were well-intentioned but simply ineffective or unresponsive to a real problem. In todays’ world, there is access to global information, empirical studies, and historical evidence which should be the foundation of regulation and legislation. So why do we pursue actions which are demonstrably ineffective? What is the impetus to penalize and incarcerate persons “guilty” of victimless crimes? I have heard the arguments about the impact of availability of drugs or porn on the fabric of society. NONE of which holds up to the evidence. Morality and self-interests are the controlling motivations behind these laws. Pay-offs to protect an economic interest or pandering to psuedo-religious  constituencies is the only motivation that makes sense.

So the only way to prevent that is to remove religion and corporations from influencing legislation. It is not enough to get government out of religion, religion must get out of government. And as my bumper sticker says on my van, I will believe corporation are people when Texas executes one. We do not permit non-citizens to vote or to legally effect elections and we shouldn’t let corporations either.

NYC Subway Ads Call for Defeat of Jihad ‘Savages’–abc-news-topstories.html

“The American Freedom Defense Initiative is principally a venture made up of Gellar and author Robert Spencer, who runs the website Jihad Watch. The organization is listed as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Gellar noted they have more than 30,000 Facebook followers, donors, and participants in their events.”

I totally get where this lady is coming from. It is intoxicating to be outrageous and have a following. Russ Martin the Dallas radio talk show host, sold t-shirts back at the beginning of the Iraq war that said Give War a Chance. Myself, I saw no reason to give war a chance. Didn’t seem to make any sense at all. The only value I could see in it was the publicity cache.

This lady is getting attention, far out of proportion to what is warranted. The message certainly is ugly. But, the ad doesn’t say Hate Islam. It says Defeat Jihad, which is one aspect of Islam which has come to connote and seem savage.

She is stirring the pot. Her prior acts have persuaded the Klan Watch that her organization is a hate group. The Klan Watch of the Southern Poverty Law Center doesn’t usually list you without reasons. But she is expressing what many like her believe. And I have to support that.  While I despise hate groups and what they stand for I respect the right to hate. I can hate the message but it serves me ill to hate the messenger. Of course those that know me know that if the acts of violence come to me I will meet them with resistance.

I wonder if she joined her brethren in Tennessee last week for the White Supremacist convention. (White supremacists to gather in Tenn. ) Can you imagine such a gathering. Some saying sig heils and some saying “niggers did this”, and “wetbacks did that”, and “those sand nigger and their burqua wearing bitches are all terrorists”. I mean who wouldn’t call that a good time after a case of beer and some salty nuts?

We must allow this message of hate to be broadcast. But we should never stop being vigilant against the acts of violence they incite. It is a price to be paid in a society that values free speech. Yes, yes, I know that calling this a free society can be an exaggeration at times.

I honestly do not understand this Christian right feeling so put upon or so frightened by other cultures. What a terrible spiritual prison to be incarcerated in. I have hated with the best of them. I reveled in it. It felt right. Just like a lot of bad things I have done, which also felt right when I was doing them. As I look back I marvel at the lack of awareness I suffered in my arrogance and in self-will. What religious person looks forward to walking in the sunshine of the spirit with hate in their heart.

Through all my angry and hateful times I could still recognize the power and rightness of Martin Luther King and his message. If the Muslims who encounter the message of hate and they retaliate, then they would be part of the self-fulfilling prophesy that Jihad equals Islam.

I hope like the Nazi march in Skokie IL, the number of actual Nazi sympathizers is so negligible as to embarrass those of us waiting to disrupt them. You speak and travel freely. I will do likewise and when I run into this paid for message of hate, I hope I give it no more than a nominal amount of attention and then move on to better things.

Second in my 2 part series on gun control which first aired on my show years ago.

What follows was directed at the liberals in my audience. I have excerpted tiny parts in past blogs. This is the wellspring from which it sprung, wordy but I hope worthy.

Why is it that in a country where so many of my friends would zealously guard my right of free speech, so few want to preserve my other rights? If the pen is mightier than the sword, then speech is more dangerous than a gun, and worse in the hands of amateurs. One man with a gun can do only so much damage. Then he is apprehended or terminated. Tim McVeigh, the century’s greatest American criminal didn’t even have a gun, but he killed over a hundred people and injured hundreds of others. He paid the ultimate price for his acts. But the people that preached the hate that the McVeighs hear and take to heart, can’t be executed. In fact many of us who would prosecute McVeigh would protect the Nazi criminals that inflamed him, because their weapon is speech. While you despise what they stand for you respect the right of these militant maladjusted mutants to poison the well that these weak minded McVeighs drink from, while paradoxically spurning my right to protect myself from these 3rd Reich rapping rejects.

It has been argued that I can trust my government to protect me when it can’t protect itself. It is argued that our democracy can’t be thwarted by narrow minded bigots intent on the overthrow of a principled democracy. Yet you stammer in protest at the election of right wing, moral majority politicians who would lay waste to Roe VS Wade. While you stand tall for your recently discovered right to abortion, you have no heart to defend my long established right to bear arms.

You need not embrace my rights for yourself. In fact, you are free to not exercise any of your fundamental rights. But I respectfully request that you refrain from actively attempting to usurp my rights. I know you are driven by fear. It is a valid fear of violent assault against your home and family. I am afraid of the same thing! I fear the violence that visits when bad or good people lose their mental or moral compass and strike violently whether intentionally or negligently into my life. It is not only bad people who do bad things, good people under the influence of mental illness, drugs, alcohol, or passion do very bad things too. I know you want to keep the zombies and demons of darkness from descending on your home and family. We share the fear. You would feel better disarming us of firearms, but I would slip into the chaos of paranoia because I think dangerous people are more prevalent than guns.

Bad things have been happening for far longer than guns have been around. Evil has been with us before we even knew how to craft a weapon. You would ask me to trust you that no harm will come to me if I let you take my guns? Then ask yourself if you can protect me. Can you silence the crescendo of hate that has been directed at Jews, Blacks & other minorities? Can free speech prevent the rise of another Hitler? Hitler rose to power via politics. He took over Germany not by force, but by ballot boxes filled with the votes of people who were drawn to a leader who made them feel better about themselves at the cost of their humanity.

Are we Americans so superior spiritually, emotionally, psychologically, intellectually and morally to Germans? They build better cars and guns and electronics than we do. They are better educated. They have survived many more years of alterations to their economy, agriculture and infrastructure. Our 200 years of management are infantile and poor compared to the richness and maturity of the European culture. We aren’t smarter or more sound of mind, body and spirit than they, our language no more articulate or our heritage richer. What we have that all of Europe lacks is a constitution, and its accompanying inalienable rights. All these rights are dependent upon each other. Like the nutritional chart which requires contributions from all the food groups to have a healthy body, it takes a foundation of rights to have a healthy democracy. Many European cities have a richness of dialogue through numerous daily newspapers that is not present anymore in most American cities.  England doesn’t trust its citizens despite the intellectual lip service that flows bohemian like from its media. The media can incite fear which may result in suppression of freedom, or exhortations to violence. So you say, a gun in my hand is a danger. I say hate speech is far more dangerous and explosive. The ability to inflame others through speech is a far greater threat to my well being than a crazed criminal with a gun. I am not a caricature or a cartoon. I am a Jew. and we have been run out of every country we ever resided in, and the bigots followed us here, ready and willing to scapegoat us once again for their miseries. Or just as bad, they are ready to convert us in the name of Jesus Christ, invoking powers greater than Hitler or any human hubris. They would strip me of all I have stood for now, 5,772 years, convinced that you can save me by destroying my culture which is rich in intellect and character and a wealth of spirit.

This will be achieved while you work up a good moral superiority. Sorry, I can’t give up my guns. I won’t give up my guns. I won’t be marched to ovens whether they kill with gas or with religious kindness. I respect your rights to proselytize your religion or your hate. I respect your right to believe differently from me and your right to persuade others to your point of view, whether I agree with it or not. But, I ain’t gonna trust you not to misuse your rights, and you are welcome not to trust me to misuse my gun. I will defend to the death your right to speak freely and in exchange, for you to preserve my right to protect my family and home from the criminals and crazies, dope fiends and zealots.I want you to defend my right to defend my life and liberty.

I have gotten feedback on my blog

Much of it favorable and encouraging. One that was critical but encouraging. Lots of MIAs. I am going to continue musing, pondering and pontificating until further notice. I still have some stuff stashed and I find I am given a wealth of new material in the daily news. That was exactly how the radio show rolled. The comment section of the blog gives all the readers an opportunity to vent also. Why not? I used to handle hostile phone calls on the air.

I posted a crude examination of gum control today. I gotta figure some people were unhappy with my position but only one private message rebutted. My friends can do better than that.

Time to revisit some thoughts on gun control

Do I believe in any form of gun control? Nothing is simple, much less people. So how do I simplify an issue like gun control. The very purpose of writing this blog is because my viewpoint is not represented in any media. Those who would be advocates for my gun rights say that the problem isn’t guns but it is that federal prosecutors don’t prosecute enough gun cases, it is criminals, it is liberals. My detractors of gun rights argue it is the lack of government regulations, registration and prohibitions which is the problem.

I don’t need government to fix the problem of too much government. Gun control measures will not be thwarted nor assisted by more reliance on government. Nor do I  believe there is an unassailable right to keep and bear arms. I don’t believe that the drafters of the constitution would counsel against reasonable restraints on firearms in the midst of our present crisis.
I am not talking about giving up my right to have guns. I am talking about my rights being saddled with responsibility. I believe in accountability. Citizenship is not an insular event. By definition it is participation in a larger community. But every time the issue of responsibility comes along everyone hides behind the skirts of the 2nd amendment. This ain’t your momma. this is adulthood. We got a right to work, and pray. but you can’t hold a church service in the middle of the street with traffic. You can’t work where you weren’t hired. Every action has a reaction. Every gift has a cost, every blessing has its burden. To accommodate legitimate concerns about the transfer of weapons, I don’t need to give up a single bullet or gun.

A study of rats conducted years ago showed that as the available room for their movement was limited and their community enlarged, the rats became increasingly aggressive and anti-social. So too are our pressing urban environments (big cities) causing anti-social behavior in humans. The frontier days are gone.

I suggest that liberals and gun control advocates are not crazy or mean or delusional. They are scared and sincere in their desire to stem the tide of violence. If gun owners want to reduce the polarization with our fellow unarmed Americans we can opt for personal accountability. We can quit patronizing gun bazaars called “gun shows” and then refusing to acknowledge that we create an inviting arena for bad people to circumvent any controls on their access to guns. This isn’t about the casual exchange of firearms in our little town square. This is about the overnight creation of a super gun store in the middle of a big city, that folds up its tent at the end of the day and dissolves into the mist.
I don’t have a problem with knowing who I sell a gun to. I don’t demand an absolute right to sell or give my gun away to whomever I wish. As long as there is a legitimate market for my weapons.  You can argue for unfettered constitutional rights, but you can’t yell fire in a theatre. No right is absolute when it conflicts with the rights of others. What right is served by an unregulated stream of firearm sales? What harm would come of some regulation of the secondary market place? Forget the anxiety that the “gun control” people want to take away the guns and that this is a movement towards the center where the liberal lurks in darkness waiting to take our guns.

We aren’t giving the guns up. So despite our fear of national registration and confiscation of our guns it isn’t going to happen. Not because there are not those who will seek it, but because we will not give it. It is way past the point where they can recall our guns.
There are compromises which may be appropriate and there may be concessions which are legitimate. There is a crisis of violence in our country. We are having a real bad time of it. And a responsible and accountable gun community doesn’t have to barricade the doors against the rest of the country. We can do our share to preserve our freedoms and rights. We can retain the actual right to own and possess while giving up the unnecessary ability to sell our guns any damn time, to any damn body we please.

Now you can come after me and revile me. But I am not the enemy. I am just a simple-minded guy who doesn’t understand why I am living in a foxhole all the time with my head up our collective ass spouting sound bites about the assault of the 2nd amendment and blaming our predicament on liberals. My issue is the preservation of self-defense, hunting rights and sporting rights. So if I can make changes in the law and behaviors and still keep my real rights then I am ready to take my medicine. In the meantime, I own a gun safe. I do not leave any gun unattended in my car or home. Just a little something we all could be doing to prevent guns falling into the wrong hands.

Nudge, nudge, wink, wink. Know what I mean?

From whence comes this compulsion of religious or philosophical mandates on how all others shall live? I know my friend Gary Coursey would know the answer but I don’t. It boggles my mind that so many religions dictate what is not just good, but what is empirically good for all persons in all situations. See, I do not encourage abortion. But I never had an inclination to tell anyone else how to treat their body in reference to this. I mean with or without reference to religious dogma, I never thought for a second it was my place to impose rules on how you treat your body. Now I get that right to lifers believe it isn’t about your body but about the unborn, but who is really already born because they believe it.

I do not tell others what to smoke, drink, sex or otherwise conduct themselves in private. I do believe there should be rules for public behavior but I have little use for rules governing your private affairs. I have some suggestions. Don’t drink, don’t drug, don’t smoke, don’t overeat, recycle, etc. But that is a far cry from mandating legislation to impose my value system. If everyone could have their way and establish laws which comported to their beliefs, we couldn’t do shit!

The gun folks want their guns, someone else wants to ban them. Druggies wanna get high, others want to prohibit it. And the list goes on ad nauseam. There is no unassailable position. There is no high-ground which can be staked out so as to prevent disagreement.

I was taught by Mrs Levenson in the 7th grade that the right to pursue happiness meant to do what you want as long as you did not harm others. I didn’t like Mrs Levenson, she was mean. But I paid attention in class, perhaps out of fear, I am not sure.

I once was arrested for the possession of $10 worth of marijuana. I was charged with felony possession and went to court. The judge told me that I was facing 6-15 years in prison. I was 17 years old. I realized then and there that Mrs Levenson was wrong. I believed her but she was wrong, and that fact has been driven home over and over through the years.

I owned a nightclub in Texas. A man got drunk and passed out in my place. In my ignorance,  I told the manager to let him rest until he got sober. NOPE! That is against the law. You cannot have a drunk in your bar. It is illegal. You have to wake them up and throw them out.

It is against the law for consenting adults to have sex for money. Mrs Levenson did not teach me these things. She left me a bright-eyed though sleepy youth, who thought that the constitution of the US would allow me the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as long as I did not infringe on the rights of others.

In honor of my Monty Python day I will end as follows.

“If you don’t eat yer meat, you can’t have any pudding! How can you have any  pudding if you don’t eat yer meat?

I’m not a roman mum, I’m a kike, a yid, a heebie, a hook-nose, I’m kosher mum, I’m a Red Sea pedestrian, and proud of it!

I don’t wanna talk to you no more, you empty-headed animal food trough wiper! I fart in your general direction!Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!

Thus it is that Mony Python has summed up my sentiments of my youth. When I was 14, I was beaten viciously at South Shore High School in Chicago. The reason was that I was Jewish and the perpetrator was a first generation Palestinian classmate of mine. He broke me of ever attending a gym class again and I was one of the very few Jewish kids in my school who flunked Gym.

So, off I went to preparatory boarding school in New Hampshire. There I was to be nestled amongst my Christian peers from the Eastern US. Those fine young men introduced me to a whole new level of anti-Semitism. They had new derogatory names for Jews I had not yet heard. Out of the frying pan and into the fire Mum, (an informal British English term for mother).

Man I worked up some serious hate for religion. I asked my minster pals to put their crosses away when I would visit them in their offices. I felt like a vampire when I would get too close. But through the actions of people like Rev. Steve Swanson and others who helped the social service agency I founded in 1976, Local Motion,  I began to heal, slowly. Years of 12 step recovery helped me to see religious people in a more generous light.

But politics and religion do not mix for me. I do not hate Palestinians anymore or Christians. But I will resist this wave of sentiment to define the United States as a Christian country. Posturing itself as defenders of the good religion against the bad religions. It is only a matter of time before Jews will once again be the official bad religion.

Monty Python, “Noooooobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!”