This gets kinda sleazy

Add the words charity and disaster together and they usually equal rip-off. I do not know why a charity was created for the victims’ families. I believe it was done so people could feel good about themselves. Every day I read about many tragedies and many survivors and families. Whow should receive financial assistance in a bad situation, seems to be a most willy nilly, who wants publicity, kind of deal. How many freakin’ times do we have to hear about an ad hoc charity improperly funneling funds to persons unintended? What surprises me is not how often the money is diverted from its cause, but how there is a bottomless pool of people who will donate anyways.

In the same vein was this clown (no insult to clowns intended)

I smelled rat the moment I watched his interveiw. Why did no one check his story in advance? And by the way, I am not angry with cowboy. My anger is strictly reserved for the AGT producers. The man himself is just a sad man.

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