Just practising

The campaigns are revving up. The American people are about to be ground into pieces as the bulldozers of expediency run amok. These politicians care not a wit what happens to The People. They survive on sucking the blood, money and freedoms from us like the vampires they are. It matters not if you favor republicans or democrats. They exist solely to preserve the status quo. That status quo is keeping in place a new ruling class who have made us the new plantation slaves. Be wary of politicians bearing platforms. Neither party has a history of providing direction and strength towards a better day. Our quality of life deteriorates through loss of wages adequate health care, ecological degradation and environmental deterioration. Both sides ignore science and empirical data about drug use and perpetuate a policy of criminalization of recreational drug use. The free market place is an illusion and corporate America is only plenty pleased to turn the surveillance cameras on us in their stores and watch us pick out the right color for our waterproof ipod cover.

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