So what if Paul Ryan lied.

Judging by the news articles, editorials and the tidal wave of FB posts about Paul Ryan’s speech, I sense there is a lot of concern about the truthfulness of his address. Come on people, as if there is some gold standard by which political speeches are to be measured.  When Paul Ryan lies it is completely different from when Obama lies…. how? There is enough mud to bury both parties in, but neither group of partisans seems very interested in enforcing truth from their candidates.

Sometimes I feel like I should care. But I sit down until the feeling passes. Not that I would not welcome honest, progressive politicians into my world. It is just that it hasn’t happened and there is no evidence it is on the verge of happening. Obama is a polished, dishonest politico. He is surrounded by professional weasels who are highly skilled at the art of self-promotion and lying. I would characterize his administration as a series of disappointments, if I cared enough to list all the ways he has lied or fudged on his promises. His biggest crime, while not involving lies, is continuing the drug war, especially as pertains to marijuana. What a monumental abandonment of the people in order to perpetuate an image of strength and power against crime. He has ordered the continuation of the criminalization of recreational and medical marijuana users and in so doing has squandered opportunity to correct this harm while bleeding the public coffers of money which should should have been diverted to real causes. So what if Paul Ryan lied. What would be news is if a politician told truths.

FYI. I will probably vote for Obama again. But it won’t be out of admiration and respect for the job he is doing. It will be because I believe that less harm will come to of his administration in opposition to a Romney presidency which I think will hasten the destruction of the middle-class through preferential treatment of the wealthy. I believe a Republican administration will continue the war on Mexican immigrants, bolster even further the concept of “Homeland Security” and ignore significant environmental remediation. I believe, which of course does not make it true, that they will divert or deny funds needed for social services, health care and education.

But please do not presume the high road belongs to your political party. The odds are seriously against that probability.

One thought on “So what if Paul Ryan lied.

  1. The irony of our system of electing any of these guys is that you live in a “red” state. No matter who you vote for in the booth, the electoral votes go to Romney. End of discussion.

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