This just in!!!

My children were told by their school teachers that State law says that “each textbook,  must be covered by the student under the direction of the teacher.” It does not require school districts to supply students with said cover.

The teachers told my children that they would have to serve detention if they came to school with uncovered texts. I have found nothing in the law but will prusue this. Have you ever heard such a thing?


4 thoughts on “This just in!!!

  1. Counselor, a little advice, have your daughters get the books covered. The amount of grief spared to all parties will be immeasurable.

    1. and capitulate to the fascist mindset that dictates detention for an absence of “book covers”? I’d rather see them in detention. But since you are school staff, perhaps you can identify the statute or code or origins of this mandate. I would like to actually read chapter and verse. You know that’s how I roll.

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