Write and they will come

Not very likely they will come to read, but I am eager to see where this goes, quickly. My friend Bruce sent this Youtube video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eaMxZ4uROp0&feature=youtu.be

It is a must see. But I digress. My recent musings on family life resulted in Rachael making the girls ride bicycles with me. So yesterday we all took off on the bike trail for White Rock Lake. We probably rode 22 miles. I enjoyed it although keeping an eye on 3 novice riders can be unnerving. But I do so enjoy having them with me when I do stuff I enjoy except for stuff I enjoy doing without them.

Friday night we surprised the girls (and ourselves) by picking them up from school and going to dinner and a cheap flick. The movie was called Neighborhood Watch. Funny in parts but more “penis/dick” jokes than any movie I have ever seen. Not the stuff you want to view with teenage girls.

But I digress from my digressions. So we arrive home from our bike ride yesterday and Alex, the 16 yo, lays down on the wooden steps leading to the front door. Light-headed and tired. Her sister made it to the hallway towards her bedroom, then dropped. She wasn’t tired she said, but her legs were wobbly. Rachael was ready for the next event and hastened everyone to get up and get ready to go eat. This is the new Wonder Woman running around our home. So to make everyone just a little more miserable we took them to the bike store to try out some better bikes. I may sound cruel but I threw in pizzas and frozen yogurt in the deal.

So if nothing else, putting pen to paper or keyboard to screen as the case may be, has already resulted in some reward. Family day on bikes.

3 thoughts on “Write and they will come

  1. Most don’t know this but Ken took me for my first “real” bike ride and 4 months after that, I rode my bike 575 miles in a week. Neither Ken nor I knew that I would fall in love with riding a bike when we took my 40 lb commuter bike for a 35 mile jaunt. I too was exhausted, didn’t eat or drink enough, but dang if it didn’t feel good to be independent – in so many ways! You just never know where a suggestion will take someone.

    1. And now you are the most accomplished bicyclist amongst my friends. That is no small achievement. I myself have aspired to great distance rides but 1987 was my last one. But it ain’t over till its over.

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