South Side pastor leads march against violence

How about marching to change the drug laws?,0,371873.story

How about we get at some causes of violence? Why don’t these pastors draw a line in the sand and confront the government about the effects of the war on drugs creating a criminal sub-culture that has more money, more influence and more role models that the church can does?

What is the point of it all. Inner-cities are ravaged by violence. Communities are left to the survivors who are not in prison or dead. The inner-city is no longer a participant of the American Dream. The time when  residents in poverty felt upwardly mobile and a marginalized part of white society is gone. There is the culture of the ghetto and there is middle America. They may never meet again anywhere except on the battlefield.

The religious leaders should be leading the march on government against the laws and policies which have created the most powerful narco-terrorist organizations in Mexico, Columbia and the US. Take away the black market for drugs, diminish the incentive that leads to a thriving underclass of  smugglers, dealers and manufacturers of illegal drugs. Put the cash left over into creating quality schools and jobs in the inner-city. Return the fathers and grandfathers who rot in prisons for non-violent drug crimes. That is a march I can get with. I will wear the t-shirt, chant the slogans and stand in the cold outside of the government halls with you.

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