Landmine kills 10 girls collecting firewood

William Kennedy has been an activist for years on the issue of banning landmines. I wish compassion could be as easily aroused for Afghani kids as it is for kids in the US. I wish our indignation was global, that our repulsion for oppression as powerful  and our acceptance of starvation non-existent. The gun control issue evokes powerful feelings of anger at guns and compassion for victims. I see animals get more attention and compassion than starving children. Our military is drone killing innocents. Our President, Mr. Compassion, is targeting US citizens.and wants no interference from any court oversight. Bradley Manning will wilt in prison because he exposed the war crimes and criminal political backroom dealings of the US government.

I have been an activist for many years on a variety of subjects. I do not lack for compassion of those suffering. I do not resist gun control because I love guns. I resist it because it is a red herring, a sleight of hand. Guns are not the problem nor is banning them the solution.That is my opinion. That opinion derives from much study and experience  I taught many people how to use a firearm and none has ever been charged with a violent crime.

By the way, I am a democrat and they will shoot themselves in the foot soon.Democrats will push for gun control and likely be swept out of office again by angry gun owners.

William Kennedy should be receiving much needed donations today as our collective anger swells about the needless deaths of children in Afghanistan. And I will be heartened to see Americans showing that we care as much about the other guys team as we show for the home team. I always thought it was funny when hockey fans got fired up about the home team when both teams were all Canadians. Never made a lot of sense to me.

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