How do I say,……. STOP?

Ok, thought for the day. It is startling to me to see the persistent hatred of President Obama. I abhorred President Bush. I thought he made terrible mistakes regarding foreign policy which I believe tanked the economy and our good-will the world over. But I never attacked him with the gusto and zest and duration of my friends who hate Obama.

I think I am reasonably intelligent. That is borne out by many factors such as education, business experience and feedback from my friends and neighbors. I am often sought after for my advise and counsel by many whom I consider intelligent and knowledgeable. So, why do I not agree with all you intelligent friends who hate Obama and believe that he wants to undermine everything you hold dear?

Why am I alarmed and amazed that you think Obama is a socialist, communist, racist, leader of the New World Order? At my worst moments, I never thought that Bush was a tool of powers dedicated to destroying America. I did not believe that he planned or allowed 9/11/01, Twin Towers. So, even though I held him in low regard, I didn’t think the worst of him. But many of my friends think horrible things about Obama without evidence. Conjecture! That is the foundation upon which much of this hatred exists. I believe that to hate Obama and believe he wants to destroy America requires a suspension of reason and a significant disdain for evidence.

Any president who was in office at the time of a major murder such as took place in Connecticut would be under tremendous pressure to institute gun control!!! Romney would be excreting bricks of waste now if it was he presiding over the government. Gun control is a movement which awaits opportunity to further its agenda and mass murders are fodder for the movement.

I think you do yourself a disservice to raise the flag of hate for Obama. I think you do your countrymen a disservice to publish things on Facebook indicating that left-wing represents stupid or sissy, or anti-American. You are participating in further polarizing the distinctions between the left and the right. I am liberal. Yet I have dozens of friends who are not. I love my guns but I have many friends who do not. I do not have to tear them down to feel good about myself. In fact, my thoughts, positions and feelings may be ill-advised. I am a bad judge of the truth of life. History and experience have shown that I can be wrong despite my conviction I am right.

And so I implore my friends who hate or distrust Obama to stop attributing the meanest and most despicable motives to everything he does. His children deserve protection, just as every president’s children have. It is not a legitimate issue in the debate over gun control. I know you think you bring value to the discourse of gun control when you point out Obama’s short-comings. But in the end, it will take an entire Congress to modify the laws. There will be political casualties on both sides. Some of those casualties will be people of fine character who simply did not agree with the side which prevails.

I don’t like Obama. But I am freaking proud to have been around when the United States elected its first non-white president. I am proud of what it says about the progress that has been made and whatever ills are associated with his administration, I remain proud of the country for voting him into office. I look forward to our first woman president and first Latino/Latina.

I do not believe that the United States is the moral leader of the Western World. Our politicians are bought and paid for the same as politicians everywhere. We are not the only beacon of liberty in a dark and dreary world. But neither is there evidence that this administration is planning to invite the UN to invade the U.S. This administration is not encroaching on our civil liberties more so than past administrations. Look at the Patriot Act if you want to see what happened to the concept of civil rights. Look at the drug war launched during the Nixon administration if you want to see the bleeding of the 4th amendment regarding search and seizures.

A high horse is a bad thing to fall off or get bucked off of.

One thought on “How do I say,……. STOP?

  1. I agree with you, Ken … (except for the part about not liking Obama. I do like him. I don’t agree with everything he says and does, but I overall agree with his view of how things should go.) My opinion is that the reason things are SO much more (off the scale) contentious with this president is the hard press from the conservative right on their media. No one has to tell the truth, no one cares when they are called on the lies. I’m sure the far left comes up with some doosies too, but I sure don’t hear that going mainstream and I’m pretty liberal. There seems to me to be a basic lack of not only critical thinking, but any sense of accountability for the dearth of truth and fact. It’s all agenda driven – facts be damned.

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