Report: Boy Scouts hid allegations of sexual abuse

Sandusky, Catholic Church, Air Force Academy. Sexual predators hiding in the tall grass of society. There have been years of hypothosizing about the number of women who were sexually abused as children. There has been very little in the way conjecture about the number of men who are sexually abused. Our institutions have failed us.If you are not safe in the church with your clergy, if you are not safe in your scouting group, then where will you find safety.

So, where do predators get permission to prey.? What makes fathers, priests, scoutmasters, coaches take advantage of their young charges? What makes highly disciplined airmen and other military personnel prey on their own? Is there a mental-illness issue or a moral issue? We have not begun to ferret out the reasons for or solutions to abating sexual assault. I think it is a tragedy when you become sexual fodder. I think it is worse than most other forms of physical abuse except for some malicious tortue.

I was physically beaten as a child by someone who society assumed would protect me. And yet I can say that I am grateful I was never sexually abused. It is merely anecdotal for me but those who were sexually abused seem damaged in a deeper way than me. And it seems more difficult for the victims to process the motivations which led to the abuse.

I am lucky. I grew up hating my abuser and it protected me until I matured enough to reconcile myself to what transpired. My dad and I still had a semblance of a healthy relationship in his life. I have always thought that if I were the victim of sexual abuse, I would simply kill the perpetrator at some point. The Menendez brothers successfully raised sexual abuse as a defense in their first trial for killing their parents. I thought it was well-reasoned and appropriate defense to use. The jury was hung and when they went to trial a second time, the new judge ruled the defense could not bring up the sexual abuse because it was not relevant because it had not taken place in years. I beg to differ. Sexual abuse by a parent should always be relevant. Revenge is not possible while you are still a child. If one is to lash back violently it will not be possible until one has grown large enough and strong enough to respond. It is always relevant to a subsequent crime if sexual assault can be proven.

I cannot support my revenge theory morally or theoretically with any studies done. Just personal

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