Remembering September 11, 2001 is a chance to grow.

The events of 9/11 were horrific and large and brutal. If it affected you because of its brutality and because it destroyed your sense of invulnerability, then join the crowd. In fact, join a large segment of the human race. This is and has always been a teachable moment. To experience the shock of the World Trade Center destruction is to experience what tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of people around the world have felt when American bombers dropped their payload on foreign soil.

I do not suggest that a single bomb was wrongly placed or morally wrong. I suggest that to be touched by the event is to experience a common experience with our enemy. Imagine sitting in the Middle East somewhere having your meal with family. Suddenly the roof collapses, bricks tumble down and death touches everything around you. Your family is dead or bleeding. Your belongings burned or blown away. Your neighbors staggering in shock and disbelief. The intensity and ferocity of our bombs can be beyond comprehension. The intended target was military. You are simply collateral damage. You are neither warrior nor opponent. You are resident/citizen of a land foreign, mysterious and alien to Americans. You are expendable because the value of the target exceeded the value of your safety. You are dead or wounded because we calculated that your health, safety and welfare was less important than ours given the possibility or probability that someday persons in close proximity to you could cause violence to be perpetrated against us, citizens of a far away land. These third world country folks don’t even imagine they will ever travel beyond there own country’s borders much less do they plan to visit and terrorize the United States.

But when the fires are out and the damage assessed, they too will never forget. They will commemorate their horror and losses and vow to do everything they can to avenge the dead.

September 11,2001 is an opportunity to grow and recognize how horrific it is to have large numbers of civilians murdered in the course of their peaceful pursuits. We should always devote this day to those  in New York, Washington DC and Pennsylvania, who were struck down in the attack, and those who died or were injured trying to save others.

I wish to God we had never had a 9/11. I wish I didn’t know and know of so many whose lives were touched, violated and traumatized. I am sorry if it offends you that I wish we could all share in the mutual humanity of the physical, psychological and spiritual destruction of violence.

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