Will this society never wake up? Did you know that Buddha means the Awakened One?

The Obama administration continues to pursue a failed drug enforcement policy. Hypocritical garbage. What are the odds of that Obama was the only member of his close advisory staff that smoked marijuana? What are the odds that several don’t still smoke or live with persons who smoke? How many drink liquor in order to adjust their attitude, feelings or sense of well-being?

Any government/administration which continues to prosecute pot users/dealers is undeserving of support. In the interest of full disclosure, I do not smoke pot. I do not drink liquor. I do not use recreational drugs. But I am real clear on this issue. No amount of persecution or prosecution will eliminate or even reduce the amount of substance abuse. Education and treatment have a better record of bringing about positiveĀ change in dependency and addiction.

A society which allows liquor for recreational use and bans pot is a society which has chosen to ignore all evidence of the cost/benefit analysis of substance use. How can we continue to criminalize our own children, friends and colleagues for succumbing to the desire to alter their mood? Where did the hippies disappear to? Why are we so rarely heard from? People are being sent to prison for this! We were right to rise up angry in the 60s. And we should be outraged now.

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