A militarized border and friendly fire. No surprise here.


Napolitano says “This tragedy reminds us of the risks our men and women confront, the dangers they willingly undertake, while protecting our nation’s borders,” she said. “Together, we stand in solidarity with their families and friends, and pray for the continued safety of all who serve our country.” Ken says, these are not the kinds of risks and dangers that should be undertaken. “we” stand in “solidarity” because you government folks like having your small army roaming around the country hunting illegal aliens. Some of us non-government people object to the militarization of law enforcement and we object to death by friendly fire and we object to empty platitudes muttered by professional politicians trying to cover their collective asses!

And then it says “Meanwhile, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano traveled to Arizona on Friday to express her condolences to the fallen agent’s family and to meet with local officials.” And hey, while you are here, you can squeeze in a side trip to visit your home and friends. I mean as long as you had to fly here special at my expense, I insist you take some down-time and have some R&R.

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