Why is being a jerk is so easy.

I have to work at be empathic. It does not come that naturally or easy. But I am making an effort to push myself to look beyond my little world which is relatively free from suffering. So the damage to all in the path of hurricanes demands my attention. If Puerto Rico is harmed, I am harmed. If refugees from war zones find no comfort and safety, I am harmed. If young Hispanics came to this country at a young age and now have no sense of security and stability, then I am harmed.
If I am willing to pray for the well-being of others then my prayers are the health, safety and welfare of millions I have never met who are in the midst of war, storms and famines.
If I am one who prays then I express gratitude that my family and friends are all relatively safe, have plenty of food and water and sleep in comfortable beds at night. It has come so easy to have my needs met that it is often hard to empathize with those who have not. I do not worry about where my next meal will come from. I worry about where I want to go for my next meal.
May God open my eyes and heart to the plight of my global neighbors. May all living beings, human and non-human who lack safety find safety and all who are hungry find food and all who suffer be free from suffering and harm.

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